Wednesday, 10 March 2010

We've been approved!!!

It's been a very long day but a fabby one!! We arrived at Alston Hall at around 9:30 and our social worker, Jane, arrived just after so we went to the conservatory for a cuppa! The panel were actually sitting infront of us having one too!! They went up and we were taken into a (very hot!!) waiting room. We were called in at about 10:15 and there infront of us were the 12 members of panel!! The chairman actually opened his speech by saying we had a very strong case and not to worry which, although we weren't really worried, put us at ease straight away! All the panel members then introduced themselves and proceedings began!! We were only asked a few basic questions, mainly about Charlie. They'd read his reports from when we'd got him (how he was withdrawn and developmentaly delayed etc) and his current ones, they really went to town on praising us as parents and what a wonderful atmosphere we provide for him! They could see from the reports that we'd spent time with him, that we encourage him and it was all down to us what a lovely little boy he is today!! We were unanimously approved!! We're so thrilled we're going to be parents again! To celebrate we had lunch out at a lovely pub. We also went to Deepdale retail park for a mooch and the PNE club shop! On the way home we called in at Asda for a few bits and pieces. We picked Charlie up from Mark's parents then went to the swings together. :wub:

This evening i've been to the theatre with my friends Jude, Terrina and Deborah, we watched a production of Oliver. It was very good, the theatre looked amazing and the tot who played Oliver was fabulous!!

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  1. Well done, what a great day! You are amazing parents.