Sunday, 21 March 2010

The weekend came and went!

I've had a really nice weekend, yesterday was Chorley crop day which is always a good laugh (especially at my expense, LOL!!) I did 4 layouts, 3 are Disney ones and then I scrapbooked my wonderful Mother's day. (A scraplift from Susan Weinwroth, I love her work!) Then today the three of us went for a nice long walk along the promenade to the Battery. It was quite nice weather when we set off but seemed very cold on the way home! Whilst at the Battery Charlie had a lovely play on the swings. We're very proud of Charlie this week, i've been off work so have spent all week potty training him. He's really taken to it but I think it's helped that we introduced the idea to him a while ago and we have had a couple of successes recently, so when he actually started on Monday he had some idea of what to do! Bless him, he's had a few little accidents but today saw two milestones in his training, firstly a 'proper' number 2 on his potty (we have had little successes in this department but today he did it without promting!) and secondly his first time out of the house without a nappy!! (that's a little white lie as we did walk up to the shop earlier in the week but that's literally 100 yards away!!) He did so well, we'd taken his potty out with us incase he asked but he held on for the 90 minutes we were out and did a long wee when we got home!! He has a book which we read to him sometimes at bedtime, there is a line in it that says 'we're so proud of you!' and we cetainly are!


  1. 4 layouts in one day?! Who are you, and what have you done with Karen??

    Love the Mother's Day layout, when I saw it I thought, ooh, that looks very Susan Weinroth LOL

    Well done Charlie and well done Mummy for teaching him so well!!

  2. Well done Charlie - he looks so cute on his potty! I remember my son looking like that - he's 21 this year and it only seems like yesterday!