Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Charlie and I have had a very special trip out today! I have a very precious friend called Albert, I say friend but I regard him very much as an adopted grandfather! I met him and his dear wife, Agnes, on a coach holiday to Austria in 1991. I was with my Grandma and the 4 of us had a very special bond the whole holiday. They lived very near to the college I was studying at so I used to go around for my lunch every week. Sadly Agnes died about 9 years ago and Albert seems so lost without her. It's been a little while since i've seen him, i've kept in contact with cards etc but I really wanted to see him. It's been hard contacting him as i've never been able to catch him in but I managed to ring one day whilst his carer was there and made arrangements to go this afternoon. We had a little run out to Williamson's Park, Albert has fond memories up there and truly enjoyed the trip. We also went into the butterfly house, it was very warm in there!            

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