Saturday, 13 March 2010


One of Mark's passions is Preston North End! When I first met him I never knew i'd end up enjoying going to the football with him too!! We've been to many many home and away matches now but I stopped going when we got Charlie. In December I treated Mark to a PNE hospitality day for his Birthday, I also arranged for Charlie to be a mini mascot! This was to be Charlie's first ever game! He was such a good boy all day and seemed to really enjoy the match. As today was nice weather we decided to take him again. He seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere and sat and watched parts of the game but we sat on the first row today and he seemed to enjoy playing on the concourse more, bless him, but he was a really good boy for the whole match (which was against Notts Forest and we won 3-2!) One cutie thing he did, the band is back at PNE which consists of a trumpet, a tuba, a snare drum and a big bass drum! It's a real crowd pleaser and really gets them going! Anyway, it was rather loud at one point during the game and when it went quiet Charlie announched 'It's not noisy now!'

We also had our March family photo taken there and I think it's got to go down as one of my favourites!

.............and just because Charlie was just too cute today, here's a pic taken first thing today! (It wasn't quite warm enough for short sleeves but I quickly removed his hoodie for this pic, naughty mummy, LOL!!)

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  1. He's so cute! Glad you had a nice day and happy Mother's Day for today!