Sunday, 14 March 2010

A perfect Mother's Day

From the second I woke and Mark's first words to me were 'Happy Mother's Day' to tucking Charlie into bed has been perfect, such a very special day! My hubby and son have spoilt me so much and I love them both dearly.
Charlie and Mark brought in my pressies whilst I was in bed, I am really delighted with everything. My cards are soooooo cute, i'll treasure them. I've seen frames with letters cut into them, usually spelling names but I think my I♥MUM one is brill! I knew about this pressie earlier in the week as Mark wanted me to put the photos in before today. Did you notice my charm bracelet dangling off the top corner of the frame, it now proudly has my 'mummy' charm on it (as shown a few posts back) and I love my mug and my favourite choccies!! Charlie's T shirt is too cute! He's worn it today but didn't want to pose for me with him wearing it, bless him!
We visited both mum's (Nanna's) this morning, Charlie made them each a card and gave them a snowglobe with photos of him in. Nanna Watson also got a soft toy elephant with 'I love mum' embroidered into his foot (she likes elephants) and a mug. Nanna Larmour got a lily planter, they both also got a pack of mini eggs!!
After our visiting we had a drive out to Grange, we stopped just before Grange for some dinner. It was beautiful, a traditional Sunday roast and lemon and white chocolate meringue for dessert! We walked off our dinners around the pond in a park at Grange, there were loads of ducks there today! :D
On the way home we called in on Aunty Karin, Maddie and Dan.
Thank you Charlie and Mark for a super wonderful day, I love you xxx


  1. You deserve every perfect Mothers' Day that comes your way!

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