Monday, 25 March 2013

Nanna's Cat.

Family heirlooms, I have a few. I hope my cross stitching and pine plan chest will one day become family heirlooms to my children. Treasures are important to me, as are the memories I associate with them. One day I came home to find Calico looking out of the dining room window and it did make me chuckle! I grabbed my camera quickly and snapped this photo.....

Do you see the other cat? That cat has been in my life as far back as I can remember! He's an ornament that belonged to my Great Grandmother (Nanna Byram.) He sat on her sitting room windowsill proudly looking out at passers by. When she passed away he went to live with my Grandma and sat on her hall windowsill, again for many years until she sadly died. Now he lives on my dining room windowsill (and has done for the past 9 years.) I tell you, he is a real talking point with many people. There's a little girl who walks up with her grandmother when collecting her big brother from school, her grandmother tells me everyday she looks out for him and calls out with a miaow when she sees him. Sadly, he has no name but I will treasure him forever.

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