Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Courtney!

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous, amazing princess! This year Courtney was super excited about her birthday, she has attended a few parties recently so fully understands how special birthdays are! We started the morning opening her pressies! Her main present from us was a Silver Cross pram, she loves it! We bought her a new baby to go in it too. The baby talks! As her birthday landed on a Nursery day she was made to feel very special there and got to wear the special 'Birthday tabard' and hat!

I did pick her up early though so we could have a walk in the park.
(baby needed a quick feed half way round)
 Then we went for a treat at the caf√©, pink milkshake!
No birthday would be complete without a birthday cake and Nanna is the chief when it comes to birthday cakes!
Happy Birthday Courtney!! (TuTu from Aunty Karin!)

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