Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Castle junk modelling.

Charlie's topic at school this term has been castles and history. He has really enjoyed it and has often come home telling us all about what he has learnt. Towards the end of the topic parents were requested to take in boxes, tubes etc. so the children could create a castle! I don't know what I imagined but I certainly never imagined this would be coming home!!!

It's magnificent and his imagination really shows. He tells me he made it all by himself! One day he came home and told me they'd made jam tarts! It turns out they were for the banquet on the very last day of the topic. There is a double classroom at school and they'd set up a long narrow table right up the middle! Unfortunately there was a little miscommunication (Charlie forgot to bring his letter home) and all the other children were dressed up as Knights, Princesses or in party clothes. Thankfully the school has resources and Charlie became 'Prince Charlie' for the day! (Unfortunately I didn't photograph his outfit but it was a white t-shirt and gold waistcoat.) He was in his element and didn't want to take the outfit off before bedtime, I think he'd have even slept in it if we'd let him!

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