Monday, 25 March 2013

Cropiday! Yay!

I LOVE Cropiday weekend! A whole weekend of chilling, crafting and chatting with some of the bestest girlies I know! I think we were all a bit more productive this weekend than we have the last couple of weekends we've had! LOL! But it doesn't matter to us how much or little we do because the company is always fab!
So this time I found it much easier to find layouts I liked online and placed a nice order! It's quite some time that I've actually ordered 'stash' online. I mean, I've probably got enough stuff to make up several scrapbooks but 'newer' stash is always nice to have, especially when it is bought with a purpose! One thing that did shock me though was how expensive this lovely hobby of mine is getting! It's never been particularly cheap to scrapbook but a little while ago you could pick up a sheet of patterned paper for around 50-60p, sometimes less but now it seems to be a minimum of 80-90p! (some die cut sheets going into several £'s!) When you use a few sheets on one layout without including embellishments it's already a dear do!) Never mind I had a little splurge and really enjoyed it! I also still occasionally buy a Studio Calico kit, although the last couple I bought were from the marketplace on UKScrappers! So these layouts are a mixture of my own designs, found on the internet and Studio Calico designers. Just for ease!


This layout has a story! The blue background paper on the original layout is now discontinued and I was disappointed but MaryAnne from UKScrappers re-created similar to it for me using a font! How fab was that!
So that's me more or less caught up now with my scrapbooking which is a nice feeling. Some cross stitching also took place over the weekend and I don't believe I've introduced you to it! This is Mr. Snowman (that's my name for him!) He appeared in the December issue of Cross Stitcher and I fell in love straight away.

So did all the other girls and we're all going to stitch him now! Before the weekend I had stitched his scarf, I'm pleased I had it done before as it was frustrating and due to mis reading the chart a couple of times I ended up unpicking bits! So at Cropiday I stitched his face and most of his hat! I'll post a picture soon of his progress.
I always love my break away but it's also nice to get home to Mark, Charlie and Courtney. When I got home I had a nice surprise! Mark had fitted our new living room carpet. (Have I mentioned before he is a carpet fitter?) We had chosen it but it hadn't been ordered so he did that and fitted it without me knowing! A couple of weeks ago we had new blinds fitted as our old ones perished and new curtain rails, our living room now looks and feels cosy. (You should feel that carpet under foot, absolute bliss.)


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