Monday, 25 June 2012

A Surprise Assembly!

This morning I received a text from school, it was intriguing to say the least!

Courtney was at Nursery in the morning, I picked her up and we ate a quick lunch before making our way up to school. It seems the 'top-secret' element of the assembly was running late so poor Mr McPartlin was making every effort with great delay tactics, LOL! I kind of got the idea though that it was going to be special as a reporter from Radio Lancashire and photographer from the local press were there. It was well worth the wait when into the school hall walked Olympic silver medallist, Sharron Davies!! Also with her was Phil Leah who lives in Heysham and was one of the torch bearers in the torch relay last week (in Hest Bank.) The assembly was brilliant! There was a presentation of Sharron's career and she answered the children's questions. Such questions as how many medals she had won, what she would have been if she hadn't been a swimmer and if she'd met Simon Cowell!! She presented an award to Mr Garnett for all his work with sport in school and the local area. Sharron then lit the schools 'Olympic flame' aka a candle with a BBQ lighter but did it in a fashion of a slow run across the school hall with the Olympic flame, holding the BBQ lighter in the air!!

She also cut the ribbon to officially open sports week at school! Once the ribbon was cut giant confetti was shot into the air!

After the assembly parents were able to meet Sharron and Phil, unfortunately Charlie was taken back to his class by this time.

I wasn't sitting in the best place for my photographs as the light seemed to flood most of them but here are some photos taken from the school blog.

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  1. great pic of Courtney holding the torch, something for her to look back on when she's older.