Monday, 11 June 2012


I saw this on Alison's blog and thought it looked fun, I had to have a go! The A-Z of me!

Age- 38
Bed size- King
Chore that you hate- I don't think hate is the right word but i'm not keen on ironing!
Dogs- None, we have 2 cats, Gizzy and Calico
Essential start to your day- Brushing my teeth!
Favourite colour- Blue, lighter blue shades are me favourite but I like blue in general too!
Gold or Silver- Gold
Height- 5’ 5 1/2
Instruments you play- None now but I used to play the trumpet, i'd probably get a tune out of it now but it wouldn't sound very nice, lol!
Job title- Official work title is Cash office assistant but I only work part-time, I also go under the titles of Mummy, Wife and Homemaker too!
Kids- 2 gorgeous children, Charlie who is 5 and Courtney, 3.
Live- Lancashire, England
Mother’s name- Ellen
Nicknames- Couldn't say, they're between Mark and I, lol!
Overnight hospital stays- Mainly stays associated with fertility treatments!
Pet peeves- I can't stand the sound of people eating with their mouth open or when the cats wash themselves.
Quote from a movie- "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"
Right or left handed- Left
Siblings- 1 younger sister, she's 364 days younger and was my first birthday pressie!
Television- I'm not a big TV watcher, I do quite enjoy the soaps but my must not miss soaps are Neighbours and Home and Away!
Underwear- It rarely matches, I see it more as an item of clothing than to make me feel good!
Vegetable you hate- Broccoli
What makes you run late- The children!
X-Rays- I've had a few, I think the latest was when I dislocated my elbow about 6 years ago.
Yummy food that you make- Shepherd's pie
Zoo animal- Koala

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