Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

We ended up having a very busy Jubilee!


On Friday (1st June) it was red, white and blue day at school.

 Whilst Charlie was there and Courtney was at nursery I set to decorating our house, our lovely neighbour thankfully came to help!

Saturday was Charlie's party and Sunday was Sonya and Owen's wedding. On Monday we moved all of Courtney's bedroom things upstairs into her new room and straightened up the dining room (the spare room things were in there which are now in the children's old room, which will eventually become the spare room but currently Courtney is still sleeping in there.)
Tuesday was the actual Jubilee day and there was an event hosted in the village, it was quite a changeable day but we managed to avoid the showers. Charlie and Courtney had their faces painted.

Then we went into the Institute where they were serving drinks and cakes!

There was bunting up all over the village, it was great fun walking down to our church!

As always church didn't disappoint! They always decorate the windows up nicely and the flower displays in there today were beautiful.

We made our way back into the village and watched Harvey the magician for a little while.

I'd managed to grab snippets of the Jubilee celebrations in London on the TV but didn't have much chance to sit and watch any of the events right through so in the evening I surfed the internet, I have to say it looked magnificent down there. I feel very privileged to have been part of such an occasion, one which doesn't happen very often!
God Save Our Gracious Queen!

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