Sunday, 25 March 2012

A round up of the last few weeks!

I was going to do individual posts to catch up with my blog but after much thinking figured this would be the best way instead! So....

28-29th January - We went away to Yeovil for the weekend. Mark and Charlie went to watch PNE play football on the Saturday whilst Courtney and I shopped and then on Sunday we went to Stonehenge, a place I've wanted to visit for a long time. We've been close to going a couple of times but finally made it that weekend.

6th February - Courtney got her very first stamp at nursery! She earned it for tidying up without being asked, what a good girl! We are very proud of her♥

7th February - Mark and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary♥

11th-19th February - We had a fabulous holiday! We went on a Mediterranean cruise, a full post to follow.

22nd February - Pancake Day! Yummy!

4th March - Courtney's birthday party! We held it at Pizza Hut in Lancaster, it was great fun! The children all got to create and eat their own pizza! Followed by the ice cream factory!

7th March - Courtney's 3rd Birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful girl♥

9th March - Charlie's class assembly, the theme was fairytales and rhymes. He did really well, he had one line to say and spoke it perfectly. 'We made these castle pictures'

11th March - Courtney started Sunday School. She had a good time and I think Charlie was delighted to have his little sister there.

18th March - Mother's Day. I love my children with all my heart, after spending so many Mother's Day's yearning to be a mummy this is the one day of the year I adore. (Photo taken in Knott End)

23rd March - Sports relief day. At school Charlie was allowed to wear something sporty! Naturally he chose his PNE shirt!

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