Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 8

Friday 17th February: Marseilles. Today we didn't dock until 1:00pm so had breakfast at Villa Verde (waiter service) and after letting breakfast settle we went for a swim. The pool was sooooooo cold! We found a little splash area for Charlie and Courtney to play in which was fun for them.

I braved the pool for a quick couple of lengths! Charlie and Courtney joined me momentarily but both of them weren't keen on the temperature, lol!

There are 3 whirlpools around the main pool so we went to sit in one of those for a little while.

We went back to the cabin to have a shower and after nipping up to the Bora Bora for a quick lunch we got ready to leave the ship for Marseilles. When we got disembarked we saw a huge queue for the ship's (expensive) shuttle bus and a huge queue for the taxis. We saw a sign that directed us to a public bus into town that was a 1.8km walk. It was an easy walk as the ground was a good surface and there was a green painted line to walk along, a much more impressive port to the others we have visited! As we got towards the entrance we could see a bus was at the stop but we knew we had no chance of catching that one, plus it looked pretty full! The good thing was though that we were then near to the front for the next bus which wasn't too long behind. It only cost 3 euros for us all to get into town, it was further than we thought it would be so good value really. When the bus terminated and everyone was getting off we wondered where on earth we'd been dropped off! We had a map that we'd been given as we left the ship and found a friendly policeman who directed us to the tourist information office. It was a little walk to get there but once we arrived we could tell we were in the centre of Marseilles. The hustle and bustle of the town centre surrounding the peaceful boats docked in the port made an interesting contrast. I can only compare the roads around the port as being like at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris! Cars everywhere!!! Thank goodness for the green man on pedestrian crossings, we made good use of him today! In the tourist information office the lady told us about a 'noddy' train that went up to the Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde, the main attraction of Marseilles. It was high up on a hill, we could see it from the port. There was a couple of other options we could have taken but the 'noddy' train was the most fun! She directed us to the stop and we bought our tickets and waited for the next train.

The views from the top were stunning! We could see our ship in the distance. We didn't stay too long at the cathedral, there were a lot of steps to the top so only Charlie and I went up and had a look inside, Mark stayed with Courtney as we had the pushchair with us.

The train ride down was a lot quicker! Back down at the centre. (it was getting quite a bit cooler by then!)

We were ready for a little break by that time so popped into a McDonalds for an ice cream! It was starting to go dark and we were all tired so decided to get a taxi back to our ship. We were dropped off right next to the ship! We'd missed our sitting for the Villa Verde so went to the Bora Bora for dinner. You can tell our cruise is almost over, when we returned to our cabin we had been left comment cards on our bed and some luggage labels! We're not going to fill them in until tomorrow night though. We're just relaxing tonight, both children are asleep and as I type it's almost 9:00pm, I'm going to go onto our balcony to watch us leave Marseilles. Mark is playing cricket on his Xoom and when I come back in I'm going to cross stitch.
I have come back to add that was quite something to watch. Everyday the ship has docked on the other side so it's been more interesting on our side today! We all watched us coming in on the balcony earlier today and I've watched us leave! This ship is huge, it's amazing how much balance weights there must be at the bottom, when we move there is no swaying at all. To leave the port edge just now there were jets propelling us away from the edge and we just gently floated away from the port until we were clear then I could hear the engines kick in.

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