Sunday, 25 March 2012

Our perfect holiday!

I had booked the last 2 weeks in February off work as holiday so I could be off for half term. Only half term was early this year and, you guessed it, my 2 weeks off were the 2 weeks after the school holiday! Unfortunately I couldn't swap my holiday as a full timer was off half term week (it's all to do with holiday percentages!) Thankfully I managed to get around it by covering a holiday at the beginning of February to take the time in lieu.
I'd looked at the cruise company (MSC Cruises) last year but we didn't go in the end. Mark had seen a deal on Travelzoo with them and that re-ignighted my interest. I looked into where they were sailing over half term and found this cruise.

We haven't travelled to mainland Spain together before and I've wanted to go to Gibraltar so it was ideal! We took in Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar (GB), France and Italy, it was fabulous! I kept a journal on my iPad of our trip to blog when we got home, so here it is!

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