Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 4

Monday 13th February: A day at sea! We decided to use today to chillax and unwind after a previous busy 2 days. We had a little lie in and then went to the Bora Bora restaurant for a light breakfast. We then further investigated the ship, had a look at the photo gallery and enquired about the kids club as Charlie is keen to go. Unfortunately Courtney is just too young, she is 3 next month, bless her, so cannot go. We decide to eat lunch in the Villa Verde, I can't believe that it is just like last night, a great choice of menu and up to 5 courses! I can't imagine eating that much food twice a day! We opt for 2 courses each and again the food is delicious.
We had another wander around the ship, one of my favourite things (and Courtney's) are these sparkly steps, aren't they gorgeous!

We then returned to our cabin where we all had a nap. We must have been tired as we all slept for 2 hours! We had intended going swimming but as it was a Gala dinner we decide there isn't really time for a swim so instead we all have a leisurely shower and take our time getting ready.

The Gala dinner was splendid, again a good choice and up to 5 courses. Please excuse the quality of this photo, it was the best one we got at the dinner!

The children all had a lovely time playing for a short time after the meal.

After dinner we made our way to deck 7 where we met our Captain! He shook our hands and made a really nice fuss of Charlie and Courtney.
It was then bedtime so we retired back to our cabin.

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