Monday, 31 October 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Our Halloween spread over 2 nights this year as actual Halloween (tonight, the 31st) is a school night! Last night we visited Charlie and Courtney's grandparents Trick or Treating and saw Aunty Karin, Maddie and Dan too at my parents in laws. Tonight we've been to see our next door neighbour and the decorated house around the corner that we went to last year too. They decorate it for charity and are always very welcoming! This year they were serving soup and a roll! Charlie has really enjoyed it all but Courtney was a little too scared to join in fully, OK, being honest she was TERRIFIED, LOL!!!!

Too cute to spook!
with Nanna (my Mum)

with Nanna & Grandad (Mark's parents)
with Aunty Karin, Maddie & Dan
My mother in law, Sylvia, makes the best cakes! She was telling me last night that she uses the same recipe that she's used since her boys were little and it was a recipe she found in an Army married quarters recipe book!

The skeleton pirate and his ship!!

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