Monday, 10 October 2011

Saturday Scrapping!

I know, it's Monday but it's taken me until now to scan in and edit the layouts! I'm not overly happy with the scans, some didn't scan well at all and others just look too saturated but if I de-saturate them they just look grey and drab! Hey ho, that'll teach me for investing and doing a lot of research into a naff scanner!
Saturday was our Chorley Roses crop, I haven't had a scrapbook session like Saturday for months, LOL! When I go to Chorley I'll maybe take 1 or 2 scrapbooking projects but lately I've taken my cross stitch and last month I took my die cutter and spent almost 9 hours just cutting out shapes for my Christmas cards, LOL! (Next month we are having our Cropiday where we rent out a lovely house for the weekend and spend it in our PJ's crafting, it is then that I intend actually doing a production line and putting all my Christmas cards together, LOL!) So back to Saturday, I had 5 layouts to do to catch up so I planned all 5 for the crop, if I'm honest I didn't think I'd get all 5 done but I almost did! I just put some finishing touches to one when I got home. I did 4 single layouts and 1 double!
I'm not sure if I've explained before but I used to design layouts for classes, used to design my own layouts for personal use etc but since Charlie and Courtney came along my creative juices have left me! I'm still as keen to create but at the moment for me it's more important that I document my children's childhood and my life generally so quite a lot of my work is 'inspired by' or 'directly scraplifted.' I am really enjoying Studio Calico at the moment, I cannot afford to subscribe to their kits as they're in America and the shipping every month works out expensive even though the kits themselves are a good price. I do however treat myself every 2-3 months to a kit or one of their add ons (all the kits have the most lovely stamps included!) Their gallery and blog always inspires me, they have a very good range of designers, each one brings something different and it's quite amazing how 2 designers can use one sheet of paper so differently! And of course, the big plus for me is that one of my favourite designers, Susan Weinwroth, designs for them. I am not advertising for them, it's just my own opinion that I am enjoying their inspiration at the moment!
So here are my layouts from Saturday, most of which are inspired by or scraplifted from Studio Calico and the Wildlife Oasis one was from my friend Wez!

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