Saturday, 4 September 2010

Flock to Skipton

I love Skipton, it's such a nice little market town! At the moment they are hosting the Flock to Skipton event, it's much like the Rhinos that we saw in Chester a few weeks back (and the Penguins that we saw in Liverpool in January, oh and the Superlambananas from last year! I guess I like hunting, LOL!)
Skipton have 25 of the sheep dotted around, the map was quite clear to follow and as we know Skipton quite well we were able to find them all! Even though a couple were trying to hide from us, LOL! We had lunch here We only wanted a quick bite and I tell you, I have never had such a delicious sausage roll before, LOL! and their currant square was divine! If you go to Skipton I would heartily recommend it! It certainly set us up for more sheep hunting!
Some of the sheep we dotted along the canal, that was a lovely walk and we bought some duck food so Charlie could feed the ducks, it's something he enjoys doing on the canal near to home so we knew he'd have fun!

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