Sunday, 12 September 2010

♥Courtney's Little Book♥

As part of the adoption we have to make a little book for the child to see before they meet you. I've made this one for Courtney, it has taken me hours but I love it! (i'm chuffed to bits how well the colours co-ordinated with the dolly in the end, that was purely a fluke!!)
When I made one I made for Charlie i'd found a soft toy doggie actually called Charlie and we all had our photos taken with the dog and I made his book. I wanted to do the same for Courtney so this time we bought a cute fairy dolly! The dolly will go with the book for her to cuddle as she looks at the photos♥

How the book started out

2 coats of white acrylic, ink mists and a whole lot of girly bling later......


  1. Oh Karen I didn't know you had another little person joining you and your family.. How exciting for you and well done...

    Tina (Silverst170 on UKS)