Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Courtney timeline!

This morning Courtney's social worker came out for a visit. She showed us a whole album of Courtney from newborn. We now have an idea of when we get to meet her! Cheryl is working to have the paperwork submitted on the 24th of September, panel will be on the 20th of October then it has to be approved again by a decision maker so she's allowed 10 days for that stage. She's proposing that we should get to meet Courtney on the 1st of November♥
There is a submission date exactly 1 week before and i've asked if there is any chance of making that (allowing 10 days for paperwork to be completed) Cheryl has said she will try but as our social worker is still off sick her manager is covering her work and may not be able to get it done in time, here's hoping though! If that was the case then all dates would be brought forward by a week too!

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