Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Charlie's promotion!

Today was Charlie's first full day at nursery (9:15-3:15) He is now officially a pre school child and as such he gets to wear a red tabbard! (Last year he wore a blue one.) I went with my parents in law to pick him up and we were told he had a good appetite, LOL! He was tired out, bless him!
I then left Charlie with them and went home for a meeting with Mark, Janet (our social worker's manager as Jane is off sick at the moment) and Courtney's social worker, Cheryl. This was the first time we'd met Cheryl and she's lovely! It was a successful meeting and we had to confirm we are proceeding with Courtney, which of course, we are! We didn't get a photo of Charlie until a couple of weeks before we met him. I wasn't sure when we'd get one of Courtney but I felt it was important for Charlie that we had one as he knows he's getting a baby sister but to him Courtney doesn't have an identity, I don't even think he thought she was human, LOL! Anyway Janet agreed that we could have one of her as we'd decided to have her on the basis of the report and not her looks! So we now have a photo and she is BEAUTIFUL!♥♥♥ Unfortunately I can't share the photo yet as it's all very confidential and we need to protect her, just in case! I will share as soon as I can though.


  1. Congrats, that must be so exciting! Can't wait to see her. Congrats to Charlie too, big boy!