Monday, 2 December 2013

Meeting Chas Jacobs.

Chas Jacobs is a local artist, he was exhibiting at the Ashton memorial so Charlie, Courtney and I took Karin to see his work yesterday. I have a piece of his, Morecambe Landmarks, it is hanging in the family room. I really like his style and the colours he uses. I have one of his smaller prints, Heysham village, on my Christmas wish list.
The Ashton Memorial is an old monument in Lancaster, it is very bright and airy inside and as it was such a lovely day the prints showed off beautifully. We also saw some of his early works too, his style has changed so much! Here we are meeting him.

The park is one of our favourite places to go, Charlie and Courtney were so good in the exhibition that they were rewarded with a very long play in the playground!


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