Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

One of my retinue mummy duties is to help make up the Christingle candles so I went along to church at lunchtime and was put on dolly mixture duty, LOL! I must admit I was grateful not to be doing the oranges, what a sticky mess they were! In all honesty it was really good fun, we soon had a production line going! We all just relaxed during the afternoon and soon it was time to go to church for the service which was lovely.

When we got home there was a surprise! The elves had left some sparkly reindeer dust, it had started raining so Charlie and Courtney had to be quick scattering it!
Look at their smart new PJ's!
Before bedtime we had a put out Father Christmas and Rudolf's treats, this years choice of drink was hot chocolate! Charlie also saved some sweeties from his Christingle that he wanted Father Christmas to have.
Lastly it was story time.



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