Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday School Rose Queen Weekend

We have attended the Rose Queen weekends before but this year there was a special reason for attending, Charlie is in the retinue! In the photo above there are 3 of the boys missing, here they all are. (the photos are a mixture of mine and the professional ones)

We were delighted when Charlie was asked as, apparently, being asked depends on behaviour and Sunday School attendance. We then went inside for a photo of the retiring and new queens with their retinues.

All the other children could dress up so Courtney was Little Red Riding Hood.

We had a family pic taken too.

So Saturday was crowning day of the new Rose Queen, Elise. First of all we took part in a parade around Heysham. I held the tape and walked with the boys, Mark, Sylvia and Courtney all travelled on the open top bus!

After we returned it was time for the service and crowning. Unbelievably there are no official photos of this and we couldn't see to take photos where we were sitting. Also, there are no photos of her after the service, she got changed too quite early on! Never mind, after the formalities it was time for the family fun afternoon! As a parent of a child in the retinue I am also expected to perform certain duties! I took charge of the key cupboard and balancing coins games, I had queues most of the afternoon! *note to self - do not volunteer for this next year!!
On Sunday we paraded again but only from school to Church this time! It was Elise's welcome service which was at St.Peter's, a lovely service in a lovely church on the edge of the bay.


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