Monday, 3 June 2013

Blackpool Weekend

Do you remember me saying a few weeks ago that we 'babysat' a caravan on our driveway for a friend? Well, as a thank you Linz said we could stay in it! During the half term holiday Linz and Imogen went away to Singleton, a small village near Blackpool. They stayed Monday to Thursday and we then had the caravan Friday to Sunday! We set off when Mark finished work. We quickly dumped our things in the caravan and went out to the local restaurant for tea. It was exceptionally nice, unfortunately they were short staffed so the service was slow but we weren't in a rush, it just meant Charlie and Courtney were a little restless between courses and were suffering from Friday night tiredness! Once back at the caravan we settled them, unpacked and made up our bed. We just watched TV until bedtime.
We all slept well and indeed slept in until around 9am! Mark had printed off vouchers for a breakfast at a chain of pubs (can't remember which one!) It was in Cleveleys so we got up and dressed and tootled off for breakfast. Mark has never been to Freeport so we ventured off there. We each bought a hoody from Gap for our cruise in July and Charlie named us the 'Gap' family! We looked around the other shops and bought a few bits, Charlie spent some Birthday money and Mark bought me a gift which I'm going to do a separate post about. After walking back to the car via the marina we made our way back into Cleveleys to fulfil our promise, a ride on a tram! Blackpool has just upgraded it's tram system and the new trams are posh, LOL! We rode it into Blackpool town centre, I exchanged a T-shirt and we had a quick look in the Disney shop where we bought Charlie some new shortie PJ's (he has lived in his others but they're now too small!!) One thing we forgot was bucket and spades so a quick trip to Poundland and we were all kitted out to go to the beach! We hit lucky with the weather this weekend and it was glorious sitting in the sun. After a while we decided to take the tram again but instead of going straight back we'd bought a day ticket so ventured right to the end of the route at Starr Gate! There wasn't much there so just had a quick pit stop and then returned on the same tram right the way along Blackpool promenade back to Cleveleys. We then drove to McDonalds for tea! Back at the caravan Courtney was tired so went to bed. Charlie and Daddy planned a boys movie night! I cross stitched.
Again on Sunday morning we had a leisurely start to the day. We had taken cereal with us and ate breakfast in the awning. It was another beautiful day. Linz, Lyndon and Imogen were meeting us at 11:30 to collect the caravan so until they came we played at the site. There were 6 pitches but was only us and a camper van so we had loads of room to play! Charlie had taken his skittles and football and badminton set that he got for his birthday for us all to play with. We also played chase and catch! Once they arrived Charlie and Courtney continued to play with Imogen whilst Mark and I helped pack the caravan up.
There is a craft shop by a windmill in Blackpool and it's a while since I'd visited it so wanted to go there with the idea being Mark and the children could go into the windmill whilst I browsed! The craft shop had closed down though only the week before due to retirement! So we all went into the windmill, they have displays and interactive things set up on the ground floor which was fun. We would have taken the tour but Courtney wasn't old enough so instead we'd seen a miniature railway on the way in so went to explore that. It's a railway enthusiasts club and they take you on a ride for a donation. After the ride we nipped into Tesco for late lunch supplies, we pic-nic'ed in the car before coming home. Linz had said we can stay in the caravan any time, we might just take her up on that as we had such a great weekend away!

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