Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle has always hosted tours but after the prison's closure in 2011 these tours have been re-vamped to include parts of the former prison. In fact the whole of the visiting areas have been very nicely made over and even though a former prison made it a very pleasant place to visit. We were a little early for the next tour so had a very nice lunch in the caf√©. The tour took us around the court rooms like it has always done and into the original cells. We were all brave and were locked into one and the lights were turned out! It was pitch black and your eyes didn't adjust so I can't imagine how it would have been to be in there for a great amount of time. We weren't allowed to take any photos around the court areas. We then moved onto the courtyard where we learnt the history of each addition to the castle over the years.

It was a little eerie when we entered 'C' wing. To think that prisoners were serving their sentences in the cells only a couple of years ago. They had been preserved exactly as they were, including graffiti on the walls.

 Our little inmates, they were told this was the one and only time we ever want to see them in a cell! LOL!
Charlie and Courtney had been so good on the tour we bought them a treat each from the gift shop, Courtney chose a whistle
and Charlie a sword.

Now the nice thing about the sword is that it had a cover so Daddy was able to join in the fun too!


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