Sunday, 12 May 2013


So this is what 39 feels like, LOL! On that slippery slope! It doesn't bother me at all and although I had endless reminders today I'm Ok with it, LOL!
We'd planned a nice walk around the windmills at Caton but the rain decided to descend upon us and those plans were scuppered! We were trying to think where to go when Karen, Charlie's swimming teacher, suggested The Barn at Scorton. It was very nice there, quirky things to buy and a cafe but a little too busy and I have to say the people weren't overly friendly. It was quietish when we ate and the food was nice but I ended up with my 3rd choice as they'd run out of the first 2. All in all though it was pleasant there.
We came home, Karin, Maddie and Dan visited and we had birthday cake, how cool is this cake, 4 different varieties in one cake!

I got some lovely gifts, a top, flowers, a cute mug and bowl, chocolate, some smellies, a beautiful friendship bracelet from Kathryn and money. Whilst at Scorton Mark also bought me a gorgeous wooden heart which says 'you are the icing on my cupcake' for my craft room :D I'm to have my main pressie yet, I was going to get it last week but Ikea didn't have all the parts. I really want to organise all my cross stitching things, they're dotted all over the house and my craft room and I want them all in the same place so I've settled on an Ikea Stuva Tallboy which will live in the new family room (what was Charlie and Courtney's bedroom downstairs. That's our summer decoration project.)

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  1. Belated birthday wishes Karen, my kids keep reminding me I'm the big 50 next year! You're as old as you feel and only some days do I feel 100...LOL