Friday, 3 May 2013

House move!

Not us! My parent's in law have lived in their house for 33 years! Hughie was in the Army and they travelled with them for a number of years but settled in Morecambe in 1980. Mark had his teenage and young adult years there but it was time for Sylvia and Hughie to downsize. Today I helped them move, in fairness they had packed everything and had hired removal people so it was just a case of supporting them, running the vacuum around and making brews!

So here's the old.......

and here's the new......
I'm sure they will be very happy in there new home! I know a certain little boy who is excited about their new bungalow! Not so much the actual bungalow but it's position. Their old house looked onto the Lancaster to Morecambe train line, that was exciting enough but now it runs right behind their back garden, even closer!

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