Saturday, 11 May 2013

Aqua Sana

Last year for my Birthday Kathryn bought me a half day spa voucher for Aqua Sana within Center Parcs in Penrith. The voucher was valid for a year and despite attempting a couple of times to go we never quite made it. With my birthday coming around again we thought we'd better try and book in. We both having 2 children and husbands who work full time so it was hard trying to organise it but we finally did for yesterday. We made a day of it by setting off mid morning and having lunch there. We decided on The Pancake House, it was delicious and it was the only place I took a photo all day!

Comfortably stuffed we made our way over to the Aqua Sana building, instantly as we walked in we felt relaxed! We changed into our costumes and robes and were given a guided tour. We had foot soaks to begin with and then made our way to the hottest sauna for a Tyrolean experience. This was only on once so we had to do it then. First of all the girl wafts you with a towel to raise the heat, then ice is thrown at your legs, each time gets more intense! The second time after more heat and the ice is thrown over your shoulders (it went front and back down my cossie, brrrrr!) and the last time after heat which by this time is very hot you are taken to a shower where ice cold water is tipped over you from a bucket above!! Sounds crazy doesn't it but it was actually quite an amazing experience! We then made our way around the saunas in order of heat, followed by the whirl pool, my favourite part. You walk around it and jets fire from all angles, by the end you've been massaged from head to toe! It obviously needed going around twice and then again later in the day! We then tried the steam rooms in order of humidity, you could tell it was getting hotter and hotter but with the aid of cool water taps and ice flannels we made it to the 95-100% humidity! We had a little rest on the water beds before going for a swim in the heated outdoor pool. We timed it well and swam in the rain!
We had 4 hours going around and it flew by! On the way out of the complex we stopped off at the pub for some tea before making our way home. A truly enjoyable day, Kathryn and I have been friends since we were in playschool and I love her company, these days though our conversations naturally centre around our children, that is when we can talk without sorting out the bickering and whining, LOL! It was just nice to still talk about the children etc but not be interrupted, LOL!!

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