Saturday, 5 May 2012

One whole size!

We took Charlie and Courtney to buy new shoes today, both their shoes still seemed to fit but they're both very scuffed and 'old.' Imagine our surprise when they were measured and both of them had grown a whole size each! Charlie measured in at a 9F and Courtney a 5F. We had a look at the girl's selection which was vast! We picked up a couple but when Mark and I saw a beautiful pair of red ones at the same time we knew we had to have them for Courtney, they're so cute! Quite a few of Courtney's summer dresses have red in them or navy so they should go nicely.

Charlie's selection wasn't quite so! The boys shoes always seem to be the same styles and we rotate between brown and blue! There were a couple of novelty pairs, one had a dinosaur, the other a digger but we thought they were a little too young for him. He asked if he could have light up shoes, he has had these shoes before but when he was a toddler so he doesn't remember them. He tried a pair on and instantly wanted them! Why not, hey! :D

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  1. There is never a good selection of boys anything, at least here in the states. Once little boys are out of that baby sizing, it just sucks to find anything decent without spending a small fortune. Girls on the other hand have huge selections. So unfair. My little boy is 5 and is heading to school in the fall.