Tuesday, 1 May 2012

First night in his new room!


The joiner finally came back today to trim and re-hang Charlie's door. We've been chasing him for a couple of weeks! You see we have 2 very cheeky pussy cats who would like nothing more than to have a nice comfortable bed to sleep in and our male cat enjoys playing 'pouncy' if you move your feet so Charlie wouldn't have got any sleep if we'd let him sleep in there with no door!
I made up his bed as a surprise for him after school. I can't tell you how much this little boy adores his new room, every little addition we have made to his room has filled him with excitement and it's pure joy for us to see. Note how his duvet is sideways on his bed, from when we first put a duvet on his cotbed (around when he was just short of 2) Charlie has always liked it sideways on and tucked in both sides, it's like security to him and I have to admit I'm quite pleased he's all tucked up, that bed is so high it would be quite a way to go if he was to fall out of it!!

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