Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I celebrated my 38th Birthday! I quite like 38, I'm an even numbers kinda girl and although 37 was a good year I'm quite happy to be 38! Although the next even number steps me into my next decade, LOL!
First thing my gorgeous family piled onto our bed singing Happy Birthday to me and showered me with cuddles, kisses and pressies! That was special!♥ We got dressed and set off to Frankie and Benny's for breakfast. I had pancakes with berries and ice cream, it was yummy. (It was just perfect too as I hadn't felt brilliant the day before.) I just love this pic and Courtney and I taken there!

As a child I remember visiting a place called 'Fairy Steps' and I wanted to take Charlie and Courtney. To be fair I really had no idea how to get there or indeed really where it was, LOL! I just remembered turning left at Beetham, Cumbria and it being a nice place! So that's what we did, turned left at Beetham and had a little adventure! After not being able to find the steps we called in at the post office in Arnside and got directions. We then found them straight away! Only what I hadn't remembered is that they were a good walk away from the road, Mark thinks around a mile both ways!! The track was all different terrains and very muddy in places (would now be a good time to admit Charlie and Courtney had their new shoes on, LOL!) Eventually we made it, I have to say it was worth the walk, the steps were fun to climb and the view was stunning. Folklore has it that if you climb the steps without touching the sides that you'll see a fairy at the top..........have you seen the steps, not even Courtney could have done that, they were sooooo narrow at the top, LOL!

We were in need of refreshment once we returned to the car so went to Beetham Nurseries for a lovely latte and piece of fruit cake! (Mark had hot chocolate, Charlie and Courtney had fruit shoots and biscuits.) We got home late afternoon and Karin visited with Daniel, Charlie had chosen a birthday cake for me and had been desperate to present me with it and sing Happy Birthday again so he did it with Karin and Daniel.♥

In the evening I met Kathryn for a couple of drinks at the Hest Bank hotel which was lovely so all in all I've had a terrific birthday, I'm a very lucky girl!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday Karen.The kids did well walking to the Fairy steps.A good day xxx