Thursday, 3 November 2011

On my hoop!

I don't think I've shared my current cross stitch WIP (work in progress.) To be honest I don't normally stitch Christmassy things, I truly love Christmas and even more so now we can share it with Charlie and Courtney, they make it magical! I've kind of felt like it was a lot of work to only be displayed for a short time each year BUT I realise now that was silly! I came across a gorgeous 'Fizzy Moon' design in my cross stitch magazine and immediately it jumped out at me as being Charlie and Courtney! I decided there and then I was going to stitch it! I bought some really nice fabric last year, it's ecru with a gold sparkle, I thought it would be perfect for this project but when I put the bear colour threads on it I thought they'd be lost, so I rang 'Sew and Sew' to see if there was a white fabric with silver sparkle and there was so I ordered it up! I started stitching it on Saturday (the 29th) and it's coming along nicely! I had a mini frustration yesterday, I thought I was a stitch out, there's nothing more frustrating than one pesky stitch out but whilst stitching today I realised my mistake, I'd actually only missed a red stripe on the scarf! Phew! Easily rectified! So this is my piece so far...... (you can just about see the sparkle on the fabric at the bottom where the flash has caught it)

.....and this is what it'll look like finished! I'm saying it's Courtney on the left and Charlie on the right!!

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  1. It's beautiful!! You have gotten quite a bit done!! Those stitchery projects are slow going sometimes. Before scrapbooking, I did plenty of stitchery. I have a few unfinished projects that I would like to get finished.