Monday, 14 November 2011

About our senses assembly

We got a letter home from school last week that the Reception and Year 1 children were doing the school assembly on the theme of senses. There was no way I could miss it! The assembly was this morning and I VERY proudly watched my son joining in all the songs and he presented his 'feely' picture. The assembly was so well put together and there were funny bits in it too where the headteacher had to put his hand inside a box and guess what he was touching, it was baked beans!!! For posterity I have to note that I filled up as soon as he started to sing and tears tricked down my cheeks, I've waited so long to enjoy these moments, I can't describe how I felt at that moment, just total joy and pride.
The funny thing is I'd decided to leave my handbag at home but at the last moment thought to take my camera just in case! I never really thought there would be opportunity to take a pic but knew I'd regret not taking it if there was! At the beginning of the assemble the head teacher announced that no photography was allowed during the assembly but we may take photos of our own children after! So here's Charlie with his 'feely' picture♥

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