Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The very first day........

When I say Charlie was super excited this morning, I mean SUPER EXCITED!!! The very first words he said this morning were 'It's big boy school today!' He was very keen to put on his uniform and posed beautifully for his photos. When we arrived at school we stood on the playground for a few minutes before being told we could go in. Once inside it was really exciting! The only 4 words Charlie said the whole time we were there was 'can I play now?' LOL! First we had to hang his coat up and say hello to Mrs Longdon then he was straight to a giant crane! I don't think he'll want to come home later! He's going to do 2 1/2 weeks of mornings, a week with lunch and then full time. He'll do 3 weeks of full time before the October half term holiday then he's back for a week before I return to work following my adoption leave. I am so pleased that the timing worked out perfectly, I can take and pick up Charlie every day of his settling in period. :D

My very smart little boy♥

All ready to go!

Arriving at school (which is just up the road!)

Look at his peg! I was so delighted! We walked a long, there was a car, a rainbow, a dolly and what did Charlie get....a koala! I love koalas so that made me very happy, LOL!

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