Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's worth going to school, LOL!

Charlie has been totally spoilt today! His Nanna, Aunty Nic, Aunty Karin, Maddie, Dan and Uncle John have all seen him today. He saw his Nanna and Grandad yesterday and they're calling up tomorrow to see him after school. Mark rang on the way home to say he was calling in Asda and asked if Charlie would like a treat, he requested a football cake (!) His wish was Daddy's command and a football cake was brought home! He also got his first ever Lego set from us! A fire engine, naturally! We sat with him and Courtney putting it together, it says age 5-12 on the box, well it took all of us an hour to put it together, LOL!!
Charlie's Aunty Karin (our lovely sister in law) is German and they have a tradition when a child goes to school, they receive a 'schultuete' which is a cone filled with treats. I've never seen anything like it, Karin, Maddie and Dan made one each for Charlie and Courtney, they are fantastic and FULL of treats....chocolate, sweeties, a full pencil case for Charlie and baking set for Courtney, some dinosaur face flannels that expand in the water (they'll enjoy those a bath time tomorrow!) and stickers!
Charlie was worn out at bedtime and I think the excitement got to him, he is so looking forward to 'big boy school' and it took him ages to settle! I hope he's not too tired in the morning to enjoy school!!

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  1. Wow, those cones are huge! I was picturing a little paper cone.

    Have a wonderful first day, Charlie!