Monday, 5 September 2011

Just me and my boy! Day 2!

Courtney was at nursery this morning and this was the second of the 2 Mondays that Charlie and I had a 'date'! I had planned a wet and dry activity as I wanted to make the most of this morning. It was absolutely tipping it down so bowling it was! Charlie was very excited and even got dressed especially for the occasion♥ We were a little early for bowling so popped into Morrisons for a magazine (he chose Cars) and visited the cafe. He could hardly contain himself as we made our way over to the bowling alley, LOL! We swapped our shoes and were given lane 17! On his very first go Charlie scored 9! I fully intended letting Charlie win, we had the side barriers up and I really made a botched first bowl but as the barriers were up it kind of bumped against them and hit the pins right in the middle resulting in a strike!! Whoops! Charlie did get a strike though on his 5th go! Phew! It was close in the end and I did win but don't tell Charlie because he thinks he won♥ (on the score sheet photo, I'm down as M for Mummy! and I'm so proud of my boy, he took the photo of me and I also have one of me bowling!) We finished off our morning with a visit to Nanna and Grandad's before collecting Courtney.

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