Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lancaster Canal

We are very lucky to live close to the Lancaster Canal. It is very beautiful, especially on a sunny day like today. Over the weekend Charlie brought home a reading book called 'Red Robin.' It was about a canal boat and the adventures on board. Charlie really enjoyed the book and read it very well. I promised him if we had a nice day this week we'd go to the canal and read the names of the boats there, we'd also feed the ducks. Today Mark finished work early and it was nice so we set off!

Charlie did really well recognising all the letters. He's known lowercase since the first term but has only recently been learning uppercase.

 We even found a boat appropriately named for Courtney, LOL!!

It was great fun feeding the ducks!

Then a beautiful swan graced us with his presence

and then we saw a real treat! Look at Daddy Duck with his gorgeous ducklings, so cute!

 Mummy Duck was close by and it was such a sight to see them swimming off together, bless!

Here's my very special ducklings with their Daddy! Totally love these 3!♥

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  1. Courtney surprised me at the canal,i was amazed that she didn't fall in.