Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

We're having a lovely Easter Sunday. We attended the Easter service at St. Peter's this morning. Rvnd. Tickner gave a lovely service which included a Christening. After the service we joined in the Easter Egg hunt in the church gardens. Pieces of wool had been tied to plants and bushes. (we think they'd used wool as it wouldn't matter if they weren't found and it would eventually perish!) We found a few strands and went back to church to exchange them with Rvnd. Tickner for chocolate eggs! We got quite a haul, LOL!

Charlie and Courtney are very lucky and received some nice eggs and gifts from our families and friends so when we got home I photographed them in the garden, as they get so many eggs Mark and I bought them the circus tent this year!

We're spending the afternoon at home playing, relaxing and watching the TV together.♥

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