Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Courtney's first day at school.

So this was it, her very first day! We were all very excited for her. She looks so grown up in her uniform, yet is still such a little dot!


and with her brother.

Once photos were done it was time to get coats on and head for school! Ok, time for one last photo before setting off! (the coat didn't last long, it was off again by the end of our drive!)

Warning, approaching is a heart melt. So so sweet!

We dropped Charlie off first and then it was Courtney's turn, it was chaos in the reception classroom!! Areas were set up with name badges etc which was good, we took her through to hang up her coat and were pleased to see she is sharing a cloakroom with Charlie. I don't know if you remember but Charlie's name symbol was a koala, Courtney's had me laughing.........a dancing hippo!!

Edited, a few days after the school's blog had an entry about the children's first few days in school. Courtney's photo appeared on it, she looks so happy and settled. :D

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